Should I Buy a Probate Sale Home

At some point you’ll likely come across a probate sale if you’re an active real estate buyer. Properties sold in the court of probate can be a good deal, as they’re often priced lower than other houses. Working with a Folsom Probate Attorney will make the probate property flow with ease.  However, there are risks, and probate sales typically take longer than conventional realty transactions.

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As a result, similar to short sales, some buyers keep the probate sales at bay, and their real estate representatives discourage them from getting their hopes up on actually purchasing a home through the court of probate.

Here’s the story on probate sales in realty.

Why a house is sold through probate court

A house is sold in probate court when somebody passes away intestate or without bequeathing their property. The state takes over and administers the property’s sale when that occurs.

The court wants to be specific; the property is marketed and sold at the best possible price. To ensure this, the court needs appropriate steps, procedures, and procedures to be followed.

Probate laws can vary from one state to another, but any excellent property representative must be sufficiently experienced about the ins and outs of probate sales.

Marketing a probate sale.

Folsom Probate AttorneyIn a probate sale, the property is marketed similar to any other property. The probate attorney or the estate representative will employ a regional property representative, sign a listing contract, and show the property, just as they would a conventional listing.

Usually, the list price is based upon the listing representative’s suggestions, along with an independent appraisal bought and provided by the court.

Making a deal

An interested buyer may make an offer on the property at any time. In the case of a probate sale, the offer must be accompanied by a 10% deposit. The estate representative will then accept or counter the offer, much like any other sale.

The offer is subject to the court’s verification. Although the seller may have accepted a buyer’s proposal, the seller is not committed to that purchaser or their offer. The estate agent, through their probate attorney, will then petition the court to verify the sale. A future date is selected for the transaction to be confirmed in the court.

You are playing the waiting game With Probate Sales.

When the sale date is figured out, the parties now need to wait a minimum of 30 to 45 days. The total ends up being the new probate rate to be marketed.


For sale to be confirmed, the court needs that the brand-new buyer, plus any other interested celebration, the concerned court of probate to validate the transaction. The property is then offered auction design with the opening bid being (in the case of California) the accepted offer cost plus the 5%, $500 boost.

Sometimes multiple purchasers appear to bid on the property in increments of $5K. If nobody shows up to bid on the house, the very first buyer gets the property for their original offer cost. If the property is offered to among the bidders, they should right away turn over a deposit of 10%.

The deposit might not be refundable.

There are some things for purchasers to be knowledgeable about when moving on a probate sale. Many times, the 10% deposit that’s required with the offer is not refundable unless the original buyer isn’t the last court confirmed purchaser.

Because the seller is deceased, there generally isn’t anyone to divulge a formerly dripping window, and illegal work is done on the property, plans for a significant modification to the neighborhood, or anything else that might adversely affect the property’s value. That’s why probate sales can be dangerous.

An early evaluation is your most exceptional defense.

Any severe purchaser ought to have the property examined from top to bottom before composing a deal. Yes, you’re gambling the rate of the house examination without understanding if your transaction will even be accepted, or if you’ll be outbid by somebody else in the court of probate.